To provide high quality services and consultancy to all levels of the University on psychological processes, mental health and developmental issues, especially in relation to learning and the learning environment.


To provide counselling, training and personal development opportunities to students and staff...

  • to provide counselling, training and personal development opportunities to students and staff, and so assist them to find their full academic and/or working potential.
  • to promote the overall mental and physical wellbeing of all members of the University community
  • to help students participate fully in campus life, and prepare for life outside of university
  • to assist the University to achieve its strategic objectives by contributing to the planning, implementation and evaluation of strategies, policies and programs, through constant consultation with academic and professional staff


To have a positive influence on every student and staff member during their university experience, through:

  • leadership and professional expertise in the provision of psychological services.
  • contributing to the evolution and development of the university.
  • meaningful and enduring networks with academic and other service areas.
  • service delivery influenced by research and quality control indicators, in conjunction with a commitment to ongoing service development.
  • being accountable, purposeful and passionate in our work.


We believe in and are committed to respect, professionalism and community.

at all levels of relationship
for diversity, including cultural and sexual diversity
for the inherent processes of growth and development

the highest levels of skill, insight and efficiency
valuing knowledge, empathy and wisdom.
ongoing professional development

Creating Community
connectedness is a necessary basis for mental health and all human functioning
responsiveness, equity and accessibility to University students and staff
being informed by creativity and innovation

These three values drive our work, and are shared by our team.