Identification of Students at Risk

Counselling and Psychological Services encourage and promote early support in relation to students who may be experiencing any form of issue or personal distress impacting on academic functioning and performance.

As a result of the size and demographics of the University community, in any given year some individuals will be troubled by a sudden medical emergency, mental health concerns, difficult or distressing life events, emotional disturbance, or experiences of high levels of stress or anxiety. Distressing personal experiences will not occur with consideration for the demands of academic life.

In addition financial concerns, housing issues, or family difficulties can also adversely affect normal coping strategies and interfere with achievement in learning and academic pursuits. For international students, adjustment to cultural difference and using English as a second language can add to or exacerbate any of the above experiences.

Those experiencing difficulties may risk negative academic, personal or social consequences as well as episodes of physical illness, emotional distress, changes in mood and thought patterns. In some circumstances there may be thoughts of suicide, increased risk taking, or self harming behaviour.

The following information is provided to assist staff working with students be familiar with common indicators of concern, in order to promote identification of students at risk.

For any concerns about students please contact us at Counselling and Psychological Services 03 8344 6927.