2016 Workshop Program

Tuesday Lunchtime Workshops 1 - 2pm

No need to register - Just turn up!

Rooms 109 and 110, Stop 1

No Title Date
1 Brain Management 2nd August 2016
2 Be Your Best 9th August 2016
3 Creating Social Connections 16th August 2016
4 Overcoming Procrastination 23rd August 2016
5 Manage Your Time 30th August 2016
6 Maintaining Wellbeing and Resilience 6th September 2016
7 Optimising Focus and Attention 13th September 2016
8 Social Anxiety 20th September 2016
9 Exams: Be Well to do Well 4th October 2016

Other Workshops and Webinars - Registration Required

No Title No of sessions Dates Time Register

Optimising Focus and Attention Webinar


One 2nd August 4.00pm -4.45 pm Register Here

Overcoming Procrastination Webinar


Learn ways to manage procrastination and improve your productivity.

One 10th August 5.00pm -5.45 pm Register Here

Social Anxiety Webinar


One 17th August 5.00pm -5.45 pm Register Here

Brain Management Webinar


One 31st August 5.00pm -5.45 pm Register here

Manage Your Mood Webinar


One 5th October 5.00pm -5.45 pm Register Here

Exams: Be Well to do Well Webinar


It is normal to experience heightened stress levels when everything is due and exams are just ahead. This webinar assists you with practical skills to help calm your body and mind and increase your success with your studies.

One 25th October 12 noon Register Here

Mental Health First Aid

Cost: FREE

Mental Health First Aid: a free two day certified training program, teaching students how to provide initial support someone in a mental health crisis situation, or someone who is developing a mental disorder, until appropriate professional treatment is received or the crisis resolves. Mental health crisis situations covered are: suicidal thoughts and behaviours, panic attacks, severe effects of drug or alcohol use, severe psychotic states and aggressive behaviours.  Developing mental health problems covered are: depression, anxiety problems, psychosis and substance use problems. 


28th & 29th September

22nd & 23rd November


Register Here

Mental Health Essentials

Cost: FREE

This workshop includes an exploration of the common mental health disorders, indicators of distress, impact on performance, issues of privacy, confidentiality and duty of care, and available services and supports.


23rd November -CANCELLED-please contact the service if you have registered 8344 6927

9.30 - 12.30


Break Free From Anxiety

Cost: FREE

Learn to practise skill, strategies and states of mind to reduce everyday worry and anxiety. This workshop includes relaxation, mindfulness and cognitive behaviour change to apply to your particular experiences. Online screening questionnaires will be conducted.

One 28th September

9.30am - 4.30pm

Register Here


Coming Out? Questioning Your Sexuality?
Cost: FREE

CAPS are seeking expressions of interest. For those who are questioning their sexuality, wondering if they are Gay or Lesbian, uncertain who and how to tell, and what it means for them and their future. A space for discussion, fun, ideas and support. Venue to be confirmed with each participant by the Leader after registration of interest

Weekly in semester To be confirmed To be confirmed Register here