Starting your studies

In preparation of enrolling in your course and attending Orientation, you are encouraged to complete the following steps:

Connect on Facebook

First Year at Melbourne

Undergraduate students

Enrolment and Orientation

All undergraduate students are required to attend Academic Advice Day where they will receive information and instruction about enrolling in their course and subjects. Academic Advice Day is followed by Orientation week during which you have an opportunity to discover the campus life.

Student Connect

Student Connect is a program where you will meet with a Student Development Adviser to talk about your early transition to tertiary studies, your experience in your specific program of study and any support you may require in the initial weeks at university.

Where to go for help

Visit your Student Centre if you have any questions about enrolment or course-related matters.

Graduate students

Enrolment and Orientation

Graduate students are welcomed by their Graduate School. During Orientation week you will have an opportunity to discover life on campus.

Research students

Enrolment and Orientation

Visit your Graduate School to complete your academic enrolment and register for the Graduate Researcher's Orientation Day.

What if I cannot arrive on time

Seek permission

All students are expected to attend Orientation and commence their course by the course start date. If you think you will be unable to arrive on time, you must contact your Student Centre to inform them of the reason for the delay and request permission to arrive late.

Deferring commencement

Students who are not permitted to commence their course late should not travel to Australia. Instead, they may request for deferral of course commencement to the next available study period.

If the University allows you to defer commencement of your course, you will receive a new Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). You should forward the COE to the DIBP office that is processing your visa. If your visa has been granted, you should not travel to Australia earlier than three months prior to the new course start date on your COE.


The University is required to notify the Australian Government of students on student visas who do not commence their course by the expected start date of their course. This may result in cancellation of their visa.

If you have accepted an offer of place, but you do no longer wish to undertake the course, you should notify International Admissions immediately.