Support for awardees with special circumstances

We hope all awardees have a positive experience while on scholarship. However unforeseeable events may prevent an awardee from progressing as planned, or present challenges.

Support Services/Scholarship Support

The university offers a range of services to support awardees during their studies and time in Australia. This includes academic support, counselling, health and chaplaincy.

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Suspending your scholarship

Awardees may experience health, family or other personal issues where they need to take time out of their scholarship.

The maximum total scholarship suspension period is 12 months. The scholarship suspension must be supported by appropriate documentation.

If a scholarship suspension is approved, the awardee must return to their home country (with their family if accompanied) for the period of suspension. While on suspension the awardee is not paid stipend, their OSHC is suspended they must remain in contact with the Australia Awards office in their home country, and continue to monitor their University email account.


If you fall pregnant while on scholarship you are encouraged to contact your Student Contact Officer to discuss your options.

DFAT recommends awardees suspend their scholarship and return home to give birth.

If an awardee decides to give birth while on scholarship DFAT is unable to provide any additional funding for the awardees or their baby.

The awardee will be responsible for covering additional costs including OSHC and organising a birth certificate, passport and dependent visa for their child.

For further information, see DFAT’s Scholarship Pregnancy Fact Sheet.