Travel booking information

All final departure, reunion and fieldwork travel bookings must be made through:


Telephone: 03 9035 5666 (available 24 hours/7 days)


The AAS team emails awardees to advise of when to book completion travel.

Travel should be booked at least two weeks before the intended departure.

Any flight changes that awardees wish to make after the itinerary is issued must be approved by the AAS team, and the cost borne by the awardee (payable directly to Unitravel).

Bookings must comply with the conditions that apply to travel. See the Scholarships Handbook. Travel is via the most economical of the direct routes available on the day of departure.

Once an itinerary is finalised and approved, any change to any component of the itinerary must be via Unitravel (not directly with an airline).If the change is approved, the awardee pays Unitravel directly for any associated costs.

Changing an itinerary such that it deviates from the conditions that apply to travel may constitute fraud in the context of Australia Awards (even if the awardee self-funds the change).

Reunion travel

You can access your reunion airfare entitlement only between your first and second years of study. Read the Scholarship Handbook for complete information on the Reunion Airfare Entitlement.

Coursework students

Awardees are strongly encouraged to book their reunion travel for departure after final results are released, so your itinerary can be changed if you need to sit a supplementary exam. Only very short notice is given for supplementary exams, and they generally cannot be rescheduled or held off-campus. Please be aware that if you book your flight for before final results are released, you will need to bear the cost of returning to Melbourne if you need to sit a supplementary exam.

Research students

You must have achieved satisfactory academic progress (stated in your progress report) in the first year of your study.

Overseas fieldwork

Financial support is available for overseas fieldwork if:

  • you are enrolled in either a Masters by Research program or PhD, and
  • your study program requires overseas fieldwork for first-hand observations or data collection

Application process

  1. Download the overseas fieldwork application form
  2. Submit your completed form to an Student Contact Officer
  3. You will be notified by e-mail when your application is approved
  4. Familiarise yourself with the University's policy on study away from the University

Final departure

You must return to your home country within 30 days after the official publication of your exam results or submission of your thesis. You can stay for your graduation only if it is held within these 30 days.

  1. You will receive an email reminder to make flight bookings before the completion of your studies
  2. Book your flight with UniTravel (from October for December completion and from May for July completion):
  3. You must travel home by the most direct route and at the cheapest airfare available (economy class) at the time of travel
  4. UniTravel will send your travel itinerary to the Student Contact Officers for approval. Once approved, you cannot change your travel details unless you get permission from the Student Contact Officer.