Student Clubs

Please Note: These pages are for Student Clubs affiliated with the Student Union, the Union House Theatre or the Graduate Student Association .

What if my club is not affiliated, or if I am not part of any club?

As the representative of a non-affiliated club or as an individual student, you have two options if you wish to book a centrally managed teaching space. You can either:

Booking Conditions

As a representative of a student club, you can book a "Central" teaching space or outdoor location under the following conditions:

If you and your club agree to these conditions please make a request using the Student Club Booking Form.

Ancillary Services

Afterhours bookings are any bookings on a Saturday or Sunday, or that finishes later than 6:15pm on a weekday.

Dedicated Event Support is required for afterhours bookings for Student clubs, where any of the following conditions are met:


Venue Management is moving offices on the 21 April 2017. We will be unable to accept drop in visits in the new location, due to the office's open plan.

If you need to follow up on an outstanding booking request, please follow up with an email. If you do not hear back and it is urgent, please ring us.

More information on the types of rooms available for bookings on campus, and the services provided in relation to room hire can be found under "General Information".

A detailed explanation of the roles and responsibilities of all parties in relation to the booking of University facilities can be found in the University of Melbourne Property Policy.