Specialised Venues

These are the centrally allocated venues on campus that have certain restrictions associated with their use. If you would like to make a booking in the venues listed below you will need to provide extra information in relation to your event.

Sidney Myer Asia Centre

Bookings in the Sidney Myer Asia Centre Exhibition Space (Yasuko Hiraoka Myer Room) require the approval of the Director of the Asialink. Its purpose is to be a catalyst for Australia's understanding and engagement with contemporary Asia, and to foster awareness of the importance to civilization of the diverse Asian cultures, both ancient and modern. Therefore proposed use of the venue should be consistent with this purpose.

Any booking requests for these venues should still be made by through the Venue Management team. If the venue(s) is available at that time, the Venue Management team will seek approval from the Asia Institute on your behalf.

Please note that all other bookings in central teaching spaces in the building are not subject to approval by the Asia Institute.

Wilson Hall

Located in the middle of Parkville Campus, Wilson Hall has a capacity of 1300 theatre style or 372 examination style. The Hall is predominantly used for University of Melbourne events such as Conferring Ceremonies, examinations and as an enrolment venue. When the hall is not being used for University of Melbourne events it is available to be used by other Departments of the University or for hire by external groups.

Wilson Hall is a unique venue with Heritage listing and specific conditions of use. It is strongly recommended that you read through the Booking Procedures and Conditions of Use before making any booking in Wilson Hall.

Booking Procedures

In order to make a booking in Wilson Hall, the following steps need to be taken:

  1. Make a tentative booking in Wilson Hall through the Venue Hirings office.
  2. Wait for notification from the Venue Hirings office that the Hall is available at the requested time (Please note that this is done in consultation with the Hall Manager. It is therefore not possible to give an instant answer on the availability of this space.)
  3. Complete the Wilson Hall questionnaire 57.1 KB if your booking is successful, and email it to the Hall Manager, Frank Murone.
  4. After the Hall Manager has checked over the questionnaire, your booking can be moved to confirmed status. You will be advised when your booking has been finalised.

Conditions of Use

Wilson Hall is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

When using Wilson Hall, poster boards and sandwich boards are available for hire for the purpose of displaying posters, notices, directions etc. The University of Melbourne advises that under no circumstances are any of the following to be used to attach items to the seats, walls, floor, windows or stage area:

Such items will be removed and the cost of removal passed on to the client. If you wish to attach any display items you may use BluTack or Suction Caps to do so. Any other items are not to be used. If you have any queries please contact Venue Management.

Background to Booking Process

Bookings for Wilson Hall are referred by Timetabling, Venue Management to the Director (Property Services) for approval on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor.

Enquiries regarding bookings and the use of Wilson Hall are to be referred by Venue Management to the Manager Facility Services (Property and Campus Services), who is responsible for confirming the acceptability of all bookings for this area.

The Manager Facility Services will provide a quotation for any client costs associated with the booking and will also advise on any liquor licensing requirements, pursuant to the liquor licensing act and relevant university policies.

The Manager, Facility Services will make the necessary cleaning and set up arrangements and will charge to the client any associated costs for these services.

Priority in bookings will be accorded in descending order, as follows:

  1. University core activities (with examinations and conferrings taking precedence over all other activities);
  2. University department/faculty activities;
  3. Affiliated university organizations and university related activities;
  4. External/professional/academic organizations.