Which program is right for me

We all come to the university with different skills; find out which skills you may need to develop further to succeed in your studies and which program is right for you and your level of study.

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Below are examples of the types of student who have taken the DELA and found it useful. No matter your background and experience, there is always opportunity to grow.


I did all of my schooling overseas, in Mandarin! I’ve done quite well at IELTS and can speak quite well in English, but I haven’t experienced academic lectures or completed long written assignments in English.


I’ve grown up overseas but went to English language schools. I love reading, writing and speaking in English and adjusting to Australia has been so easy and fun! Sometimes I miss the cultural context and references, and am not sure what is expected of me. It’s something I will learn with time but if I can speed it up that will help!


Born and raised in Mildura, coming to Melbourne was a small shock and took some adjustment. I think I'll do okay, but it would help to know I'm on the right track.


It’s been awhile since I studied, and so much has changed (especially me). I write and speak very confidently, but in a business context - I haven't written an essay in years. The expectations are also so different now to when I was in uni.


I’m really interested in gaining some work experience – either an internship or a short term role at a dynamic company. I know I have to communicate more effectively, and do so in a collaborative context. How do I develop my professional communication skills before I get work experience?

Get more detailed feedback on your reading, listening and writing skills, and find out which programs are best suited to you, by registering to sit the full Diagnostic English Language Assessment .


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Which program is right for me?

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