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All University of Melbourne students are expected to be effective communicators. To help you develop these skills throughout your degree, the University offers a number of programs and resources. Learn more about your current capability and which program is best suited to you and your level of study.

Communication skills are employability skills

No matter whether you’re an undergraduate, graduate or research student, communication skills are essential for academic success and any professional or social context. All graduates of the University of Melbourne are expected to have highly developed communication skills. In Australia, communication skills (oral and written, interpersonal, teamwork) are frequently reported by employers (see Burning Glass, 2017; Australian Association of Graduate Employers, 2017) as the most commonly assessed, most important and most in-demand skills when recruiting new staff.

At the University of Melbourne, all students are expected to become highly effective oral and written communicators by graduation.
We offer a number of programs to help you do this. Find out which one is right for you.

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