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Chaplains are representatives of different faith groups in the wider community.

About Chaplaincy

Welcome to the University of Melbourne Chaplaincy homepage.

This page has been provided to help you find out about the Chaplaincy, and to find some helpful information about spirituality and religion on campus.

Chaplains are representatives of different faith groups in the wider community, who are placed in the University by their respective faith group with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor. Chaplaincy is one way that religious groups connect with and serve the University community.

At the University of Melbourne, the team of chaplains consists of Christian chaplains from the Catholic, Anglican, Uniting and Lutheran Churches and a Jewish Chaplain. Positions for chaplains of other faith traditions are currently vacant.

Each Chaplain is financially supported by their own religious tradition, and the University provides the offices and structural support. Each of the Chaplains, appointed with the approval of the Vice Chancellor, is required to work within a context of respect for all religions and expressions of faith.

Chaplains are not employed by the University, but by the faith group to whom they are accountable.

Chaplains who serve in tertiary institutions in Victoria must be accredited by the CCTI - the Council for Chaplains in Tertiary Institutions. For more detailed information on how chaplains are appointed, go to the CCTI website. The CCTI is made up of representatives of different faith bodies in Victoria, and is a multi-faith group.

Contact Us

You are welcome to drop by at the chaplaincy, use the kitchen and community room to eat your lunch, have time out, study or meet people. All the chaplains are part-time, but there is a chaplain at Uni every weekday. Often a chaplain is available, but if you want to see a chaplain, it's usually helpful to give a phone call or send an email to organise a time to meet. Waiting times are usually very short.

If you know which chaplain you'd like to contact, phone or send them an email directly. If you want to make a general enquiry, or you're not sure which chaplain you'd like to contact, you can ring the general enquiries number and they'll advise you.

On Campus Location On Campus Disabled Access
Rooms 541 and 542
Level 5, 757 Swanston Street
Rooms 541 and 542
Level 5, 757 Swanston Street
There is a lift accessible from the North West entrance
Mezzanine 3, Union House Campus map ref. F14 Please ring the chaplains mobile (See below)
General Enquiries:
  • +61 3 9035 8982
  • +61 3 8344 4825
Contact a chaplain directly