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Chaplaincy is one way of meeting people and making friends.

Creating Community on Campus

Building friendships and being part of a community is an important part of life at uni. In fact, when it comes to the crunch, our friends and relationships are usually what matters most. Chaplaincy is one way of meeting people and making friends. Chaplains are available to all members of the Melbourne University community, including students and academic and administrative staff.

The Chaplains work with a number of student groups on campus - mostly the religious-based ones, but a number of others as well. There are also some more informal groups which meet in the chaplaincy, and many students like to use the chaplaincy kitchen and community room as an informal meeting place. The Chaplains can help you to think through what sort of group might be suitable for you, and help you to make contact with people in that group. The University Chaplaincy is open during the week, and you are welcome to drop by to eat your lunch, study for a while, meet some people, or even take a brief nap!

Chaplains rooms are found in two locations:

Joining a Faith Community or Church

A place of worship can be a great support for your faith, and a place to seriously explore your spirituality, to grow and be nurtured by others who also take their faith seriously. They can also be difficult places to understand, and to make sense out of.

The Chaplains can help you prepare to become part of a worship community. Chaplains can also help you to understand the religious practices that may be unfamiliar to you, and help you if you are having any problems or concerns about practicing your faith around campus.

Chaplains will be able to help you to find places of worship, and places and times where these communities meet. For a list of places to worship located close to campus, please refer to the following list, however the chaplains are able to help you find many other places of worship to meet your particular needs. Please ask.