What facilities are available for Islamic students?

The Islamic Prayer Space has been built on the corner of Pelham and Leicester Streets and has been utilised by the students for the last two years.

To request access, please fill out this online form and follow the instructions.

Your card will be working shortly after that insha Allah.

Friday Prayers

Friday prayers are held weekly in the 'Islamic Prayer Space': 1:00pm -1:30pm. Due to large number of attendees and insufficient space, there are two friday prayers held in order to accommodate the huge influx of prayer attendees. First Jumah : 1pm - 1:30pm and second Jumah 2pm - 2:30pm.


The University of Melbourne Islamic Society can be contacted regarding membership or other support for Islamic students.

For further Information please contact us.

You may send a letter to:
Islamic Society.
Mail Box No. 93,
First Floor, Student Union' Club & Societies Office,
Union House.'

There are emailing list subscription for students wanting information about Islam and UMIS events on and around campus. See: