What do the Chaplains do?

Chaplains are here to assist in the personal and spiritual growth of the University community. The Chaplains at the University of Melbourne come from a variety of faith backgrounds, and are here on Campus to talk with students and staff about religious and spiritual matters, individually or in groups. They are interested in supporting community, providing opportunities for issues of faith and meaning to be discussed, as well as to support groups where these issues are important.

Students and staff from all faiths or no faiths are welcome to make contact with a chaplain. Each chaplain has their own way of working, their own emphasis and style. You can expect, however, that each Chaplain will take your situation seriously, and will seek to respond to your needs with care and respect. The Chaplains will all be willing to discuss issues with you, or they will refer you to someone better able to help you with the issues you bring.

The Chaplains will also keep the matters you discuss confidential, and will not pass on any information about you without your consent. The only exception is if we are concerned that there is a risk of harm to yourself or others, or where we are required by law.

Why see a Chaplain?

There are many reasons why you might come to see a chaplain: