Who are the Chaplains?

Chaplains* of a variety of faith groups are available to support all students at the University of Melbourne. The Chaplains are located in rooms 541 and 542 on Level 5, 757 Swanston Street.

(*A chaplain is a person of faith and compassion who works within the context of their religion to be a spiritual presence.)

Our Chaplaincy Coordinator is Morag Logan. If your faith is not mentioned, you can contact our Coordinator who will put you in contact with representatives of your faith.

Our International Student Chaplain is Delma Lamb who is responsible for contact with international students of all traditions and faith communities.

Chaplain contact details

Chaplaincy Coordinator

Rev Dr Morag Logan

0432 700 669


International Student

Sr. Delma Lamb

8344 4825
0413 607 438


According to Faith Body


Rev. Heather Cetrangolo (Trinity College) 9348 7464 / 0416 256 485 heacetra@trinity.unimelb.edu.au
Rev. Tim Curtis 0402 503 715 tcurtis@unimelb.edu.au


Fr. Thinh Nguyen

0434 289 583



Sheikh Moustapha Sarakibi

0402 337 304


Jewish Rabbi

Rabbi Mendy Ajzenszmidt

0405 766 241


Orthodox Christian

Fr. Kyril - Priestmonk

0400 101 981


Uniting Church

Rev Dr Morag Logan

0432 700 669


More information

Clubs, colleges and places of worship (PDF 230KB)