Help with your fees

Your child care fees will vary according to each family's individual circumstances. Families may be eligible for one or more of the following types of financial assistance with the payment of fees:

Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

The Child Care Subsidy is a payment from the Australian Government that helps families with the cost of child care. It has been designed to assist people who work, train or study while also supporting early learning opportunities for children.

The Child Care Subsidy will be paid directly to child care providers to pass onto families as fee deductions. Families will pay the provider the difference between their subsidy and fees charged. Families will no longer be able to elect to receive their subsidy as a lump sum at the end of financial year. Families will need to make a claim for Child Care Subsidy when (or before) each child starts attending care.

Any Child Care Subsidy owed to families following the end of year reconciliation process will continue to be paid directly to families as a lump sum.

Further information regarding the child care package:

Staff families

Employees of the University are able to pay their child care fees at our Children's Centres through pre or post tax salary deductions.

Please seek financial advice before deciding to use pre tax deductions (salary sacrifice) as this may affect your eligibility for government payments including Child Care Subsidy. Further information is available from the Human Resources division.

Families who wish to use post tax salary deductions to pay their account should contact our Administration staff on 8344 9621 for further information.

Please contact Children's Services Administration for all salary deduction calculations and submission of forms.

Student families

Student families may be eligible for the government benefits listed above. International student families are only eligible for government benefits if they are on particular government scholarships.

All student families - domestic and international - can apply for the Student Rebate to assist with costs of attending any child care centre. The University's children's centres have discounted rates for students.

he Student Rebate is linked to the percentage of Child Care Subsidy that families receive. To be eligible for the rebate your Child Care Subsidy rate must be 70% or more, and you must be enrolled for the year the rebate is requested at the University of Melbourne.

As there is a fixed amount allocated for the Student Rebate Scheme by the University, the rates are set depending on the number of applicants. To determine the rates for the first six months we request you to submit your application form as soon as possible. From July different rates may apply if a large number of applications has been submitted after March.

Overseas full fee paying students who are not eligible for a Child Care Subsidy through the Commonwealth may be eligible for a student rebate. Please contact the Children's Services Administrative Officer on 8344 9621 for further information and assistance.

You can also apply for the student rebate if your child attends a child care centre other than the university centres.

If you are eligible, please complete an Application Form and return it with the required attachments to Children's Services Administration Office, 228 Queensberry Street, Carlton 3053