Programs for Residential Colleges

Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provide a number of specialist training programs for student residential colleges. Those currently offered include:

Training for Residential Student Leaders

This package involves the delivery of training for senior students who are assuming short term pastoral care or mentoring roles within colleges, and contains a strong focus on awareness of student transition issues, recognition of students at risk, development of communication skills, and knowledge of support services available.

Training and Consultation to Resident Tutors and Advisers

Most colleges have a system whereby senior students take on a long term formal role in leadership and pastoral care. For many, this involves a transition in status and role within the same community. This can be a challenging step given that the context is residential and the age difference between the students and tutors may be minimal.

Sessions provided to Residential Tutors have focussed on areas such as:

Orientation & Transition

Colleges provide comprehensive programs for students entering the university and more particularly, the college environment.

CAPS are able to offer sessions which complement these programs.

These have included talks to students covering issues such as:

Please feel free to contact CAPS to discuss the consultancy, training or counselling needs of your college. Services can be offered on an ongoing or one-off basis and will be individually tailored to meet your specific needs.

For more information, please contact the CAPS Workshops and Training team at