Feedback on individual counselling

"Thank you for all the help you gave me. It was great to be able to have someone who could listen without a biased opinion. It helped me tremendously"

"Although it was only one session, the impact was long lasting. Thank you for the change you brought"

"Thanks. It was a huge relief to be able to attend my initial visit. I learned a lot about myself. Now I am much happier and able to tackle smaller problems with less stress and without it interfering with my work so much"

"Though I found the counselling unhelpful, it was because it didn't suit my particular need, not through any fault of the service. I was referred to another more specific counselling service which has been helpful"

"I think my counsellor gave me just the right mix of listening and unpleasant truths about life. Very helpful"

"The first counsellor I saw was not suited to me and I gave up for a while. When I went back, I asked to see a different counsellor. I was very happy with them. I had some pretty dark days in between the two counsellors"

"I had been to the Counselling Service and received advice for the counsellor but I don't think it had such an impact which totally altered my life. It just made things clearer and more structured. Nonetheless, it's a thumbs up from me regarding the service provided"

"The counsellor I saw was lovely, but I had gone with a specific issue in mind, which we didn't get much time to discuss as she wanted background information that took up most of the session! Ultimately however, I found talking things through really very helpful"

"Counselling was not something I would have even considered previously because I always thought I had to stand on my own. I can't tell you how wonderful it has been to know there is someone willing to stand next to me. Thanks!"

Feedback on Counselling and Psychological Services

"This service has been available to me during a period in which I could not afford other counselling/therapy external to the university. Thank you"

"I was very impressed with the service- i.e. the standard of counselling. While not motivated by special consideration, I did receive a letter to support an essay extension I was seeking. This was forwarded to me promptly and with discretion"

"Sixth year at uni and first time have used service; absolutely essential service; invaluable. Thank you"

"The waiting time for an appointment was the only thing that I was dissatisfied with"

"I found the website helpful. The Counselling Service has helped me clarify my situation and work out strategies to combat my negative thinking. This has enabled me to return to my studies with more confidence"

"I think the Counselling Service could provide more information about what it can do for students, what they can get out of it and what it is good for. Overall I found it helpful"