Mental Health Advisory Group


Since 2008, a group of University staff with an interest in a “whole of university approach” to mental health has met four times a year to share information and collaborate on mental health initiatives.

Previously known as the Mental Health Promotion and Support Strategy Working Group, and before that as the Mental Health Strategy Working Group, it was established to support the University of Melbourne Mental Health Strategy.

The group renewed its purpose and aim, and became the Mental Health Advisory Group, in early 2019.

The group is chaired by the Manager, Counselling and Psychological Services.

Terms of reference

The University of Melbourne is a pre-eminent institution of international standing with research strengths in mental health in tertiary education.

The Mental Health Advisory Group is established to:

  • advise University leadership on current and emerging issues, trends and themes relating to mental health, and the raising of awareness of these matters across the University.
  • provide a forum for representatives from the University community to share information, and collaborate on mental health initiatives, and to collectively build mental health capacity.

Meeting and operation

The Mental Health Advisory Group meets four times per year, for one and a half hours.

Meeting dates for 2020 are:

  • 20 March 2020
  • 5 June 2020
  • 14 August 2020
  • 16 October 2020


  • Manager, Counselling and Psychological Services, Student and Scholarly Services: Orania Tokatlidis (Chair)
  • Associate Director, Wellbeing Services, Student and Scholarly Services: George Habib
  • Director, Students & Learning, Chancellery (Academic): Dr Evan Kritikakos
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Life): Prof Kerri-Lee Krause or nominee
  • PVC Graduate and International Research: Prof Justin Zobel or nominee
  • Associate Director, Campus Community, Student and Scholarly Services: Catherine Sedunary
  • Manager, Health Service, Student and Scholarly Services: Anne McGlashan
  • Representative from HR or Business Services with a mental health/equity portfolio: Susan Slattery, Learning and Development Manager, Capability Development, Business Services
  • An academic staff member from the Melbourne Centre for Study of Higher Education with an interest in mental health: A/Prof Chi Baik
  • Academic staff members from Faculties with an interest in mental health:
    • Prof Katrina McFerran, A/Dean Students, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music
    • Prof Andrew Ooi, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Melbourne School of Engineering
    • Dr Laura Dooley, Veterinary BioSciences, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Science
    • A/Prof Aaron Jarden, Centre for Positive Psychology, Melbourne Graduate School of Education
  • Academic staff members from the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Science:
    • A/Prof Lisa Phillips, Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences
    • Dr Melissa Russell, School of Population Health
    • Prof David Williams, Department of Physiology
  • Professional staff members in faculty based wellbeing roles: 
    • Danielle Clayman, Wellbeing Officer, Melbourne Medical School
  • Professional staff members in a student services advisory role: Lee Papworth, Manager Student Equity and Disability, Student and Scholarly Services
  • A representative of Murrup Barak Melbourne Institute of Indigenous Development: Rula Patterson
  • Mental Health Training Program Coordinator, Counselling and Psychological Services, Student and Scholarly Services: Clare Kentmann
  • Heads of Colleges representative: Margie Welsford, Dean and Deputy Principle, Janet Clarke Hall
  • A representative from the Centre for Positive Psychology, Melbourne Graduate School of Education: A/Prof Aaron Jarden
  • A representative from the RMIT Student Village, UoM Campus: Michael Lynch, General Manager
  • A representative from the University of Melbourne Student Union with a welfare/disability portfolio: Srishti Chatterjee and Hue Man Dang, Disabilities Student Representatives 2020, UMSU
  • A representative from the University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association with a welfare/disability portfolio: Jessie Downie
  • In ex-officio capacity - Daniel Persaud, Deputy Head, International House
  • Two consumers of mental health services (a current student and a current staff member): Yet to be filled


For any enquiries, contact Orania Tokatlidis (Manager, Counselling and Psychological Services):