Think about adjusting to Uni like adjusting to a new and different culture, and you’ll begin to understand what lies ahead. Whether you are from Melbourne, a rural area, interstate or overseas, as first year uni students you will have a number of transitions to negotiate. These may include changes from:

  • school learning styles to Uni styles
  • living at home to living independently
  • being looked after to managing money, transport, time and study
  • being known and surrounded by friends to not knowing another person
  • being the top academically to being just one of many very bright students
  • feeling confident and in control to feeling very uncertain and out of control
  • from a relatively structured and supported life to greater freedom and greater responsibility
  • Remember that your fellow first year students are also experiencing many of the same reactions to this transition – such as anxiety, excitement and feelings of being overwhelmed. It is also normal to feel sadness for the losses associated with this change (e.g. friends from secondary school). Most students successfully adjust to these transitions, but it’s smart to think ahead to make the process easier.

    Things to consider before coming to uni

  • where you will live
  • how you will get here
  • how you will support yourself – the Financial Aid Service website can give you information about the cost of living, as well as loans and grants
  • who else you know coming to this Uni
  • what a typical day is like
  • how you will have a good summer break
  • Things to do once you’re here

  • attend Orientation activities and faculty events
  • get phone numbers of 1 or 2 people you meet during Orientation
  • get to know your way around campus and become familiar with the services available to support you
  • be prepared to initiate conversations with your fellow students in lectures and tutorials (others may feel too anxious to do so)
  • use the library in the first weeks
  • get used to asking questions and seeking help
  • seek help early when in doubt or having difficulties
  • be organised
  • plan a regular social, exercise and study timetable
  • have fun
  • Make the most of every opportunity - academic and personal