Being single

In a world which constantly promotes the need for sexual activity and a relationship, don't forget to enjoy just being yourself, and being by yourself.

In our predominantly couple and family-friendly society, it can sometimes be hard to sustain one's position as a single person. Rather than viewing singlehood as a deficiency in one's life, it can help to acknowledge the benefits that many single people gain. There are a number of scientifically supported benefits. Similarly, there is research to support the health effects of being single.

For some people whose reltionship style is to avoid negative relationship expereinces, the research shows they are happy being single.

It's a great idea to wait for the right time for a relationship, having some involvement when you feel like it in a pleasurable way, but holding out for what seems right for you. The world is full of very nice, good, compatible people who are looking for someone too, and they'll still be there when you get around to it.