Urgent Assistance

Violence in relationships

Being in a nurturing and supportive relationship with your partner or significant other is often very important to people. Sometimes, though, relationships can change very rapidly.

What was once a supportive relationship can sometimes change. Abuse in relationship can occur on a variety of levels - physically, emotionally, financially and psychologically. The abuser normally wants to control their partner's behaviour in some way. Sometimes physical force is used to get compliance; at other times, the abuse used is more subtle.

If you believe that you are in an abusive relationship and you want to terminate the relationship, or simply want to work through the issues, help is available at Counselling and Psychological Services.

Men as well as women can become the subject of an abusive or destructive relationship, and it is important to remember that assistance can be made available to you regardless of your age, gender or other circumstance.

Leaving an abusive relationship often has added layers of complexity, with people often fearing for their safety if they did leave. This is often something that is hard to understand for those that aren’t actually in such a situation, but there are ways to manage these things, and services that can help. There is some research (Evans & Feder, 2016) that suggests seeking help, or finding someone that can lead you to the help you need is an important step to improving your life situation.

If safety is of major concern to you as a woman, you can contact:

For more information and support, please try the links below, or contact Counselling and Psychological Services.


Evans, M. A., & Feder, G. S. (2016). Help-seeking amongst women survivors of domestic violence: a qualitative study of pathways towards formal and informal support. Health Expectations, 19(1), 62-73 12p. doi:10.1111/hex.12330