Grants and bursaries

Applying for grants and bursaries

There are many grants and bursaries provided by the University that are assessed on the basis of financial need.

The General grants and the Housing grants formerly found on this site have been moved to the Melbourne Scholarships site. Please note there are separate pages related to both types of grant.

Some grants may be taxable or reportable to Centrelink as equity-based scholarships for study purposes.

General grants

A limited number of grants are made available each year from Trust Funds to assist students in financial need. These funds have been established through generous donations to assist students in financial need.

Any currently enrolled University of Melbourne student can apply for a student grant.

The housing grant

Student housing grants provide financial support to students from low socio-economic backgrounds and those who live away from their usual home in order to study to attend University (usually from rural or interstate areas as well as those from outlying areas of Melbourne).

Housing grant application page

Disability grants

The Robertson Scholarship, Tom Benson Bursary Fund and Bright Futures fund are grants which have been specifically established to assist students in financial need who also have a disability.

You will need to indicate the nature of your physical disability in the appropriate section on the general grants application form.

Other sources of funds

Melbourne Scholarships for a list of University scholarships.

Melbourne Global Mobility for students planning course-related travel.