Scholarships and other financial assistance

Apart from the services offered by Student Financial Aid, there are a number of other places that offer assistance to student in financial need. The University has a range of scholarships available.

Additional information on scholarships is provided in the financial assistance directories for:

We encourage students interested in scholarships to investigate them as soon as possible. Many students are disappointed when they find that they are too late to apply for a grant, bursary, scholarship or other award that they may have been eligible for.

Domestic students

For domestic students with financial issues, particularly those new to Melbourne, we strongly suggest investigating equity scholarships, including Melbourne Access Scholarships (for undergraduate and graduate students) and indigenous scholarships. These generous scholarships are assessed on the basis of financial need and academic merit.

Melbourne Scholarships

The Melbourne Scholarships office has the 'Find a Scholarship' database to assist students find scholarships that they administer. Some scholarships administered by faculties and other areas will not appear on this list.

Faculty Scholarships and Awards

Most University faculties and schools also manage their own scholarships and prizes for their respective students. It is worth visiting your faculty website to investigate what is available.

Visit the University Secretary's Department site for a list of awards and prizes by faculty.

Financial Aid has little involvement with many of these awards. If you have any questions, speak to the respective area or faculty.

External Scholarships and Awards

Apart form our own Scholarships office and faculties, we encourage students to look outside the University as well. The Good Universities Guide scholarship database is an excellent resource that includes hundreds of scholarships and bursaries to assist students overcome financial barriers to study. The Aussie Educator site also lists a number of opportunities.

There are some courses which attract scholarships or other assistance to encourage people to enter relevant industries, such as teaching and nursing. Contact your  peak industry body for further information.

International Students

While there are many scholarships on this page that do not exclude international students, some that specifically target international students can be found on the Scholarships web page. A further page of funding sources (including a scholarship database) can be found on the Australian government Study in Australia site.

Travelling Students

Students travelling as part of their course are advised to visit the Global Mobility site for further funding assistance.

The Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN) offer a limited number of scholarships to final-year students who undertake full-time placements in remote or rural areas within Australia.

Residential Colleges

Residential colleges of the University offer a number of scholarships and bursaries to students. Some of these are also offered to students who are not college residents.

Government and industry incentives

There are some courses which attract scholarships or other assistance to encourage people to enter relevant industries, such as teaching and nursing. Contact your industry's peak body for further information.

Law Students

Law students have access to the Book Fairy (previously known as the Living Book Scheme) each semester, which assists with the purchase of necessary textbooks. Applications can be made through the Law Students Society.