Loan Repayments

Student Loans from the University of Melbourne can be repaid by either Bpay or cheque. Repayments can not be made using cash or credit card


Enquiries relating to current loan repayments should be directed to:

Loans Repayment Office
Phone:(+61 3) 9035 4000 (option 2)

If you are a current student having difficulties with your loan, you may wish to discuss the matter by contacting  the Campus Community team.


Bpay is the preferred method of repayment. Students are able to use Bpay via phone or internet banking. Contact your bank if you require further details about using Bpay. Repayments can be made from your cheque or savings account but not via credit card.

How do I find my BPAY code?

Your biller code and account number will be found on the invoice issued to you when you receive your loan.
The biller code and account numbers are specific to your loan and cannot be used to make any other payments to the University. 


When paying by cheque, make the cheque payable to the University of Melbourne.

Please include your name and student number on the reverse side of the cheque and mail to:

The University of Melbourne
Accounts Receivable
Level 3, 11 Barry Street
University of Melbourne  VIC 3010

Penalties for Non-Repayment

If you do not repay your loan in the agreed time and have not contacted the University, the following may occur:

A  debt is cleared overnight providing the payment is made prior to 5pm on a business day.