Computer Costs

The University provides free access to many computers located in the student union, libraries, research / graduate studies facilities, and student centres.

Internet plans

Most students will require internet access at home. There are many internet service providers from which to choose. A good starting point to find a service provider who meets your needs is to visit the'Compare Broadband' website

. We advise students to choose carefully before committing to a contract.

Second-hand computers

Computers lose value very quickly. If you only require basic internet access and word processing, you may be able to buy a much cheaper computer that suits your needs.

Often owners are trying to sell their computers to upgrade to more powerful models. Check the Trading Post, ebay, campus notice boards, Cash Converters stores, or ask friends. Be sure to check the computer carefully. There is always an element of risk buying second hand. While Victorians consumers have the right to expect an item bought from a trader will be 'fit for it's purpose', returning items can be annoying.

Computerbank Victoria sell cheap secondhand 'recycled' computers to low income earners. The computers are provided by the public, so they may also take your old computer when you upgrade.

Computer Loans

Some libraries and faculties offer short-term laptop loans to enrolled students. However, this is unlikely to be a satisfactory arrangement for students who require regular computer access throughout the year.

Finance for computers

An application for a long-term loan will be considered by Student Financial Aid for the purchase of a personal computer or a laptop computer. Loans are assessed on the basis of financial need.