Families & Dependants

Cost of living estimates provided on the Financial Aid website are for individual students. The following information is to assist with assessing the likely costs for a student and a spouse or partner and/ or dependent children.

Spouse or partner

It is recommended that you increase your individual annual cost of living estimate by approximately two-thirds (66%) to account for costs (food, clothing, transport, etc) for a spouse or partner.

Dependent Children

Additional costs for dependent children will usually depend on their age.

As a general recommendation for living costs, add on approximately $6,000 for each very young child, $8,000 for each child 5-12 years old, and $10,000 for each older child.

Most Australian students and international students receiving a Commonwealth government scholarship (such as Ausaid) will have access to Centrelink payments such as the Childcare Benefit and the Childcare Rebate. Contact Centrelink for further details about your eligibility.

For additional advice about child care costs, contact Children's Services, who will also be able to provide information about the student rebate for students who do not receive government assistance for childcare fees.

Education Costs – School age children

The Victorian government provides a number of concessions and rebates to parents of school age children on low incomes to assist with the costs of kindergarten and schooling. Many citizens are also eligible for the Schoolkids Bonus (phased out in 2016) to assist with school costs. Families in financial hardship may also be able to access State Schools Relief Assistance via their child's school principal.

International students enrolled in a research intensive program such as a Masters by Research, PhD or a students receiving an Australian government scholarship, such as an Australian Award Scholarship are currently exempt from education fees for dependent school age children in Victoria. Other international students will need to pay tuition fees for dependent children to the Victorian Department of Education.

Health & Insurance Costs

Australian students should seek advice to see whether private health insurance is worthwhile. An insurance broker may be able to assist finding the most affordable and appropriate policy.

International students must have health insurance arranged before arrival. Visit the OSHC World Care website, and use the 'online quick quote'.

Make sure that your insurance policy is right for you and your family.  Some expensive health costs, such as compulsory immunisations for children, are not covered by OHSC. In the case of immunisations for international students, it may even be cheaper to have them before arriving in Australia.

The above information does not include any costs for special needs, such as medical costs, or other lifestyle choices related to recreation, entertainment and sport.