International Students

International students are welcome patients at the UoM Health Service. Doctors at the service can assist with any acute or chronic medical conditions that you may experience. To see a doctor regarding any medical conditions please contact the UoM Health Service to make an appointment.

We also have some information for you about Insurance and Medication that you may find useful.

How do you see a specialist?

General practitioners at the UoM Health Service are able to refer patients onto a variety of specialist. To obtain a referral please call the UoM Health Service and make an appointment to see one of our doctors.


Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Every year over 1600 Australians die with skin cancer which is an almost preventable disease. It is primarily due to our skin being overly exposed to high levels UV rays.

It is still important to be out in the sun to ensure your body is still getting the Vitamin D needs, but you need to get the right amounts at the right times of the day.

Between the times of 11am and 3pm the UV rays are at their strongest and have the highest chance of causing damage to your skin.

During these times it is important to protect yourself from the sun in a few simple ways, thereby reducing your chances of developing skin cancer.

These steps are;

- Slip on a top

- Slop on some sunscreen

- Slap on a hat

- Seek some shade

- Slide on sunglasses

For further information please refer to

Water Safety

Australia is a land surrounded by sea which is one of the aspects that draws people to visit and live in this country. It is very important however that whether you are at the beach or by a pool that you be aware of a few water safety rules.

- When in or near the water always make sure someone is with you

- When swimming in the ocean, make sure you swim between the flags and ask a lifeguard which area is the best to swim in.

- If you are in trouble in the water, roll onto your back, relax and wave with one arm.

These are just a few water safety tips, for further information please refer to the following websites;

Fire Safety

It is important to have safety measures and a plan in place in case there is a fire in your home. These include having smoke alarms in the house, a fire blanket, an easy way to escape from the house in case there is a fire such as accessible windows and doors and calling 000 so the fire brigade will attend.

For further information see Country Fire Authority and Metropolitan Fire Brigade