Mental health

Mental health is an important part of overall health and wellbeing. It is common for university students to experience high rates of stress, anxiety and depression due to financial stress, academic pressure, increased independence and interpersonal relationships. This can make university life particularly challenging.

How can Health Service help?

The General Practitioners (GP) at the University of Melbourne Health Service are trained in the diagnosis and management of mental health. They can provide ongoing mental health support and develop Mental Health Care Plans.

When appropriate, General Practitioners (GPs) may provide referrals either to short-term Counselling and Psychology Services (CAPS) at the University, or specialised carers such as external psychologic or psychiatric services.

Is mental health support covered by health insurance?

The cost of visiting a mental health care provider can be partially covered through either Medicare or your Overseas Student Health Cover (OHSC) insurer if a GP provides a referral. This means an out-of-pocket cost may apply.

OSHC polices can have different waiting periods to cover various treatments. International students with BUPA or Allianz OSHC insurance do not having a waiting period for mental health care cost rebates, however those with other OSHC insurers will need to check the policy to see if a waiting period applies.

The Health Service has arrangements with some local psychological services to provide low cost, ongoing care to both domestic and international students (by way of referral).

How do I book an appointment?

You can make an appointment with a General Practitioner by calling +61 3 8344 6904, or for returning patients, you can book an online appointment.

For first time attendees to the Health Service, you must fill in information forms pertaining to your medical history and bring them with you to your appointment.

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