Travel health advice

Doctors at the UoM Health Service consult many patients travelling to all parts of the world about their travel health care needs. These include travel vaccinations; first aid kits, malarial prophylaxis and travel safety.

We sell an extensive range of travel products including medication travel packs, mosquito nets and malarial prophylaxis. Many vaccines are available on site for a very reasonable price including Yellow Fever as we are a registered Yellow Fever vaccinating centre.
Remember that immunisation may take up to six weeks to complete, so consult your doctor as early as possible.

Travel immunisation

What are immunisations and why are they necessary?

Immunisations are designed to help protect you against harmful infections that can potentially cause serious complications including death. Immunisation works by using the body’s natural defence mechanism, also known as the immune response, to build a resistance against specific diseases.

Some diseases that we can immunise you against at the UoM health service include tetanus, pertussis, diphtheria, polio, rabies, typhoid, hepatitis A and B, measles mumps and rubella, cholera, influenza and yellow fever.

Our doctors can assist by determining which vaccines you require before travelling to certain countries. Please bring your immunisation history with you to the appointment to ensure you receive all vaccines required. For further information and to see one of our doctors please make an appointment.

You can also follow the links below for information about diseases and countries where they are found:

Travel safety