What is homestay?

Homestay or private board is where you live with a family, couple or single person/s in their own home. There are different types of homestay arrangements, which generally fall within one of the following categories:

Full Board

Usually consists of a furnished room, two or three meals per day and bills (except telephone and internet). Some homestay providers may even do your laundry. The cost can range from $220-$370 per week.

Part Board

Usually includes a furnished room and bills (except telephone and internet). You have the use of the cooking and laundry facilities in the house. The cost usually ranges from $180-$240 per week.

Board in Exchange

Board in exchange is free or low cost accommodation in return for household duties such as weekly house cleaning and/or childcare. Make sure you establish beforehand how many hours of work you will be expected to perform. Make sure the time involved in carrying out duties will balance with the cost of renting and will fit with your other commitments to study and your social life.

How to organise it

The University does not provide a homestay placement service. The private agencies listed below can organise homestay accommodation for students. A placement fee of approximately $150-$240 (additional administration and bank transfer fees of $10-$50 can apply) will be charged by homestay placement agencies for this service.

Disclaimer: The agencies listed below are not owned or operated by the University of Melbourne. They are independent of the University and operate as private businesses. The onus of responsibility is on each student to assess the homestay facilities as suitable for their needs. Any arrangements, financial or otherwise, are strictly between the student and the homestay provider and/or homestay placement agency. Prices are subject to change without notification. Rates may not include GST. Please contact the homestay provider or homestay placement agency for current prices and GST information.

Homestay placement agencies