Share House Disputes

A fact sheet on the topic of Shared Households is available on the Tenants Union of Victoria (TUV) website.

Share house arrangements are also known as co-tenancies The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) does not prescribe remedies to settle disputes between housemates in a share house. Unfortunately, neither the Tenants Union of Victoria (TUV) nor the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) can assist with co-tenancy disputes.

Disagreements are a part of human relationships and will occur from time to time in a share house. Disputes can be minimised when housemates make clear arrangements about issues such as rent, utility payments, chores, guests and other issues that are likely to arise when sharing a house or apartment.

For tips on creating a harmonious share house, have a look at the TUV's leaflet 'Keeping the 'mates' in housemates'.

If you need assistance to settle a dispute in your share house, it may be useful to get some advice or mediation. Contact the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria for assistance with mediation.