Cost of study and living calculator

International students who wish to study at the University of Melbourne must have sufficient funds to pay for their cost of study and living. This calculator gives you an indicative total cost to study in Melbourne based on course, living and accommodation expenses.

Living expenses

Living expenses include food, clothing, entertainment, transportation for you and your dependents (if any), but also child care and schooling if you bring your child or children. Your actual expenses may vary according to your individual life style. The University's Student Financial Aid provides further information on cost of living and budget advice.

Accommodation expenses

Rental costs vary according to (among others) the size of the property and its distance to Melbourne CBD. The result of this calculator is given for three regions:

  • Melbourne City (up to 5 km)
  • Inner Melbourne (up to 20km)
  • Outer Melbourne (up to 40 km)

View the suburb guide

When deciding on accommodation, consider travel time and available transportation options to campus. Most students live in Melbourne City or Inner Melbourne. The University's Student Housing website has more information about accommodation options.

When you accept your offer of place or request a Confirmation of Enrolment, you will need to complete this calculator and declare that you have sufficient funds to study in Melbourne.

Study details

Refer to your Letter of Offer to complete the following details.

  • Number of years (e.g. 3, 0.5)
  • e.g. 75000, 105000
    Leave this blank if you are not paying fees
  • e.g. 1200, 2400
    Leave this blank if you do not pay OSHC


Complete this section if you are bringing family

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