When life circumstances change

Sometimes life circumstances change and study plans need to be altered accordingly. Maybe you have met the love of your life, and decided to start a family earlier than you had anticipated. Perhaps your financial circumstances have changed, or you realise that you no longer want to follow the career path you had planned for. Maybe there is illness, a traumatic incident, a legal or financial issue or a death in the family. Or perhaps the course you have been studying isn't right for you at present. Whatever the reason, there are a number of options which may be available to you.

Perhaps you just need to apply for a short extension on assessment and/or apply online for special consideration via the Student Portal.

If you need alternative exam arrangements, or there is a situation of ongoing academic disadvantage, you should make an appointment to meet and discuss your situation with Stop 1.

Sometimes it might be possible for you to reduce your study load (study fewer subjects) for a period of time. Sometimes students decide to take leave of absence (time away).

You may also think of changing courses, transfer to another Australian education provider or to discontinue (cease) your studies.

Support in making your decisions

We encourage you to talk to a Student Adviser at your Student Centre about your situation.

You may also find it helpful to consult staff at some of the various student services: if for example, you are planning to leave Australia for a little while, this might affect your housing situation, or you may need some financial aid or guidance, or to clarify some visa questions with staff from International Student Services. If it is a big decision, it may help to talk the decision through with someone impartial, such as a Counsellor at the University Counselling Service.

You may wish to talk with Careers & Employment staff about your career prospects, Stop 1 about changing course within the University or be seeking independent advice outside the University for assistance in finding a new course: IDP Australia; Hobsons Course Finder.

Fees, Results and Enrolment changes

If you need to withdraw from a subject, take leave of absence, or discontinue your course, it is best to do so before your subject census dates, so that you can be eligible for a refund. Refunds or fee remission after census dates are only possible if there are special circumstances.

The date that you withdraw, take leave of absence or discontinue can also affect how your results appear on your transcript. To find the current deadlines for course and subject changes and the consequences for your results, go to the Student Administration website and search for: "Deadlines for course and subject changes".