Find a supervisor

If you are interested in undertaking practical or research training at the University, you will need to find a member of staff at a University Faculty or department who is able to supervise you. The Find an Expert directory contains information about research fields of staff at the University.

If you are completing a PhD in your home University and coming to research towards your course for a period between 3 months and two years, you can come as either a Study Abroad Research (SA-RES) or Exchange Research (EX-RES) programs if a supervisor has agreed to host you. These programs allow you to apply for a student visa in the “non-award” category.

Non-award means that the course does not lead to an Australian qualification. You will be enrolled in placeholder subjects, which do not require you to attend any classes or submit any work.

Visits less than three months

Students wanting to visit the University for less than three months to undertake research as part of their course may be able to apply for a visitor visa. Please advise the student to contact the nearest Australian high commission or embassy to confirm that the visitor visa is appropriate for their visit.

Recent graduates

If you have recently graduated from a foreign educational institution (in the 12 months preceding your visa application) and wish to enter Australia to undertake research that is closely related to the course you were recently enrolled in, a 408 visa in the “research stream” will be most appropriate.

You need to be a PhD- or masters-qualified researcher who is not employed by an education or research institution in your home country, have been awarded a post-graduate research fellowship and are coming to Australia to conduct research in a field closely related to your studies.

You will need to be supervised by a person in a senior academic position that has formally invited you to partake in research activities. Your supervisor will need to arrange Human Resources to provide you with a formal invitation letter from the University of Melbourne, along with a University of Melbourne Temporary Activity Sponsorship letter so you can apply for this visa.

Other circumstances

If you are enrolled in a foreign institution but none of the above apply to you, please contact us for advice.

Health insurance

As a holder of a temporary visa you are required to have in place appropriate health insurance arrangements. You can obtain health insurance through a provider in your home country or in Australia. Australia also has reciprocal health care agreements in place with a number of countries. See: Cover for overseas visitors.


There are various housing options in Melbourne depending on the length of your stay, personal budget, and lifestyle preferences. The Moving to Melbourne page is a good place to start exploring your options around campus.

Cost of living

Understanding the likely costs of living in Melbourne is a critical part of the planning process. The University's Student Financial Aid website has a summary of estimated accommodation and annual living cost to assist you with calculating an estimate of your financial needs.