Language support for spouses

The Language Support Program is free for spouses of international students and visiting scholars.It provides a place where partners of international students can meet friends from a variety of countries and cultures and widen their communication skills as well as their understanding of Australian culture.

The program schedule follows the Victorian school term and consists of a mixed level English class, generally taught at lower intermediate/intermediate level. It is not a beginners’ class, however, beginners are very welcome to try out the class. It meets three times a week with the lessons focusing on everyday English. Lessons cover topics such as family and friends, health, shopping, employment and current affairs. The activities include listening, reading, and speaking activities.

Excursions are organised to places of cultural and historical interest close to the University. The excursions include visits to Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium, Victorian Parliament House, Melbourne Museum, National Gallery of Victoria and Scienceworks.

Feel free to bring your children if they are under five years of age. While the parent is responsible for the care of their children, teacher’s assistant Ms Loan Doan is in the room and organises activities for the children.

If you are interested in joining, please email Program Coordinator Ms Alex Younes. Alex has been running the program for many years and warmly welcomes new attendees.

Comments from participants

"Almost everything is very useful for me because if I didn’t attend this class, there are a lot of things I'd never know. It’s not only about English but the understanding of another country’s different culture."

"In the class, I know a lot of people and learn about different countries and cultures. Now I can talk to people at shops because my listening is better than before. I now understand a little bit of what people say. So now I’m not afraid to say something like I was before."

"I find so many good things in the class, especially to improve my conversation and listening skills, and to gain some Aussie slang in daily conversation."

"It was the best place to find new friends from different countries, and have an enjoyable time with each other and with our teacher."

"It helped me to be familiar with the Australian accent, to learn much more about Australia and its history, and to make lots friends."

Every day English class

Excursion to Parliament House

Excursion to Scienceworks

Sharing Cuisines