Supplementary Academic Support

Students may apply for Supplementary Academic Support (SAS) for the following services and activities:

SAS is only for services and activities that occur within the scholarship period, and is accrued at $500 every six months for the period of the scholarship.

It is intended to complement, not replace, support provided by tutors, lecturers, Academic Skills, and other services offered by your Department/Faculty.

Tutorial assistance

Scholars who need extra support with subject content may apply for SAS to engage a tutor.

Students and tutors should familiarise themselves with the University's policies on plagiarism and collusion. See Academic Honesty and Plagiarism. Tutorial assistance is not for editing or proofreading.

How to apply

  1. Complete the online SAS Application Form and upload email confirmation from your lecturer/supervisor/subject coordinator.
  2. After receiving the AAS team's approval and introduction to your tutor, arrange tutorial session times.
  3. Record each session's date and hours.
  4. After the final tutoring session, complete the online Student Feedback Form.

Please allow three days for your SAS form to be processed if you have already found a tutor, and longer if you have not found a tutor (depending on the subject, it can take a week or more to find an appropriate tutor). You should apply for SAS as soon as you find you are struggling with a subject — well before the exam period — rather than wait until there is an urgent problem.

Finding a tutor

We already have tutors on staff for some subjects. Otherwise, the tutor recommended by your lecturer/supervisor/course coordinator should be your first choice. If you are still unable to find a tutor, email for suggestions.

The hourly rate is based on the qualification of the tutor.


  • Individual student $40
  • 2-3 students $50
  • 4-6 students $60


  • Individual student $45
  • 2-3 students $55
  • 4-6 students $65

Number of hours

Up to 10 hours of assistance per semester may be approved at any one time.

Additional support may be requested at the end of the 10 hours if required.

Group tutorials

Two or more Australia Awards scholars seeking assistance for the same subject may elect to share a tutor. Each student must complete a form, and each form should state the names of all group members.

Academic skills assistance

Students seeking to improve their academic English and study skills may utilise Academic Skills. For one-on-one advice, Individual Appointments are available. You can bring a copy of a draft assessment and the task instructions. Your adviser will identify areas for improvement and refer you to relevant resources so you can continue to develop your skills. Appointments can also assist with developing time and task management skills, and strategies for exam preparation and technique.

All students enrolled at the University may book a maximum of four free appointments per semester, with up to one per week.

AAS-specific Appointments

There is a separate booking system with additional appointment times specifically for Australia Awards scholars, from Week 3 to SWOT VAC. We understand that the free Individual Appointments fill up quickly and can be difficult to book. As such, a separate allocation of appointments is available for awardees who wish to use their SAS entitlement for this purpose, at $29.84 per appointment.

To request the link to this booking system, please email

AAS-specific appointments can be booked up until Friday the week prior.

If you are unable to attend, please cancel the appointment by 5pm on Friday. Cancel online, or to, with in copy. If an awardee cancels outside the agreed timeframe, the University must report to DFAT inappropriate use of the SAS entitlement. This is because tutors still need to be paid for their time in the event of a cancellation.

Thesis editing

RHD students, and coursework students taking a thesis of at least 25 points, may apply for SAS for thesis editing after utilising other support services (including Academic Skills), and on the recommendation of their supervisor.

Students and thesis editors must familiarise themselves with the University's policy on editing of theses by third parties. See: Graduate Research Training Policy

Students may apply by completing the online SAS Application Form and uploading email confirmation from their supervisor.

Quantitative skills & data analysis programs

The University's Statistical Consulting Centre (SCC) offers up to 10 hours of free statistical advice to eligible MPhil, PhD or MD students. Students who require further support, or who require support but are ineligible for the SCC's free service, may apply for SAS to fund the services of the SCC, the Graduate Student Association, or another appropriate provider.

Please note that rates for services such as the SCC are often higher than for tutorial assistance. If engaging a tutor better suits your needs, please follow the application process for tutorial assistance.

  1. Complete the online SAS Application Form and include details of the required training.
  2. Upload email confirmation from a supervisor or lecturer who can attest to the necessity of the training.