Travel booking information

All final departure, reunion and fieldwork travel bookings must be made through UniTravel.


Phone: 03 9035 5666 (available 24 hours/7 days)

Travel booking form

Travel should be booked at least two weeks before the intended departure, by submitting the travel booking form along with a copy of your passport photo page. UniTravel will forward your proposed itinerary to the AAS team for approval.

Travel conditions

Bookings must comply with the conditions that apply to travel, which are outlined in the Scholarships Handbook. Approved travel is via the most economical of the direct routes available on the day of departure. Travel is via economy class, and budget airlines are not used.

Travel is via the route with the fewest transit points and then the shortest transit durations on the nominated day of departure. Where there is more than one such route, with comparable times, the most economical is chosen. Stopovers are not permitted, unless unavoidable (i.e. there is no other route departing on the nominated date).

Requests to book a specific airline or flight, such as due to personal preference or luggage allowance, cannot be accommodated if this differs to the most economical and direct route.

Changes to itineraries

Once an itinerary is approved and the E-Ticket has been issued by UniTravel, changes to any component of the itinerary must be via UniTravel (not directly with an airline). If the change is approved, the awardee is responsible for bearing any additional costs and paying these directly to UniTravel.

Changing an itinerary such that it deviates from the conditions that apply to travel may constitute fraud in the context of Australia Awards (even if the awardee self-funds the change).

Reunion travel

Travel must be timed so as not to compromise the your academic commitments.

Refer to the Scholarship Handbook for complete information on the reunion airfare entitlement.

Overseas fieldwork

Financial support is available for overseas fieldwork if:

  • you are enrolled in either a Masters by Research program or PhD, and
  • your study program requires overseas fieldwork for first-hand observations or data collection

Application process

  1. Complete the overseas fieldwork application form and obtain a signature from your supervisor
  2. Email your completed form to
  3. You will be notified by e-mail when your application is approved
  4. Familiarise yourself with the University's policy on study away from the University

Independent travel

As long as your academic commitments are not impacted, independent travel abroad and within Australia is fine.

Please contact us in advance to advise of your plans.

Final departure

You must depart Australia within 30 days of your scholarship end date. The scholarship end date is whichever occurs first:

  • Official result release date or submission of your thesis
  • Date of final departure from Australia
  • End date of your scholarship contract

You can stay for your graduation if it is held within these 30 days. The AAS team will email you regarding when to book completion travel with UniTravel.

We strongly recommend waiting until your travel itinerary has been approved and finalised before booking travel for your family members. Completion travel must comply with the conditions above and in the Scholarships Handbook.