Student responsibilities

On your arrival

The cost of living and study in Melbourne may be higher than in the United States. We strongly advise that you do some research on housing options and living costs, using a cost of living calculator or the Cost of Attendance Worksheet. Pay close attention to the tuition fees outlined in your letter of offer, and plan a budget. Most students live on a very limited income while they are studying as their capacity to earn money is reduced by study requirements and visa conditions.

When you arrive in Melbourne, you will need to pay various costs in advance (sometimes for up to 4 weeks), such as rent, bond, letting fees, utilities costs (e.g. telephone, electricity and gas), and you will have to purchase books and materials for your course.

You will need to have access to sufficient funds to cover these initial costs, as your first loan disbursement until after you commence your studies.

It is your responsibility to know the facts about funding your studies, including what you are going to be required to pay and when you are going to be required to repay any loans you borrow.

During your studies

In order to remain eligible for Direct Loan funds, students agree to take on certain responsibilities as a condition of their loans. These responsibilities can be found on the University of Melbourne Direct Loan Application form and include:

  • Consenting to the release of information to the US Department of Education and guarantors, lenders and loan service providers if required.
  • Notify the Financial Aid Officer if there are changes to your FAFSA, citizenship, income or enrolment.
  • Continue to meet the Federal Student Aid and University of Melbourne eligibility criteria

You are also encouraged to celebrate Constitution Day each year to commemorate the formation and signing of the US Constitution on 17 September 1787, recognising all who are born in the United States, or by naturalisation, have become citizens. Information regarding celebrations and activities can be found at The National Archives and the National Constitution Center.

Changes to your loan

Your loan disbursements will cease or you may be required to return funds, in the following circumstances:

The debt levels of each student reflect individual choices and knowledge about the usage of the loan program options. We are committed to ensuring that students leave this institution with the lowest amount of debt possible and we will actively work with you to ensure this.

When your enrolment drops below half-time or ceases, you must complete online Direct Loan exit counselling. You have a 6 month grace period before you are required to begin repayment of your Subsidised and Unsubsidised loans. There is no grace period for either Parent or Graduate PLUS loans.
You MUST repay your loans. Harsh penalties can apply for defaulting on loan payments. For further information on repayments, sample loan repayment schedules, forbearance, or consolidation of your loans refer to the Guide to repaying your Federal Student Loans