Overseas Research Experience Scholarships (ORES)

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Suggested ORES Report Format

It is a requirement of ORES that a student, within two weeks of his or her return from the trip, provides a report of their study overseas. The report should be prepared in collaboration with the student's supervisor. The report is to be endorsed by the supervisor and the Head of Department, and to be forwarded to Melbourne Scholarships

The report should be no longer than two pages.

It is suggested that the report be drawn up under the following headings:

  • Details of student - including name, department, faculty;
  • Details of supervisor - including name, department, faculty;
  • Title of thesis
  • Details of supervisor at host institution - including name, department, university/institution
  • Period spent at the host institution
  • "Comments" about the study overseas. Topics that should be included are noted below:
    • Were the objectives of the period of study achieved?
    • What new skills were acquired?
    • Was access to specialised equipment facilitated?
    • Were any oral presentations made during the visit to the host institution?
    • Are any publications being prepared as a result of the period of study overseas?
    • Were opportunities provided to participate in associated activities, such as visits to neighbouring institutions or research facilities?
  • Comment on the personal benefits of the period of study overseas to the student and the possible impact of the experience on his or her career.
  • Comment on how the outcomes of this visit are likely to enhance the research links between the University of Melbourne and the host institution.
  • General comments on the operation of the Overseas Research Experience Scholarship, including any suggestions for improvement.