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Future student or not enrolled in a course?

Please go directly to our information for future students.

Registration steps

If you do not have your login details, or you are not sure about whether to register or not, please contact us to discuss your support needs.

There are four steps to register for ongoing support.

  1. Determine your needs

    Before registering, please make sure that ongoing support is appropriate for your circumstances.

  2. Compile supporting documents

    You are required to provide supporting evidence to register for our services. Documents should outline the impact of your circumstances.

    Supporting documents are strictly confidential and subject to relevant privacy laws. Please visit the University’s privacy page for further information.

    If you have any questions regarding your circumstances or supporting documents, please contact us for a confidential discussion.

    Supporting documentation

    • Disability, medical and mental health support

      If you are registering on the basis of a disability, medical or mental health condition, a Health Practitioner Report (HPR) is the preferred supporting document. This document is a University form that will need to be completed by your registered healthcare professional (such as a doctor, psychologist or social worker) who has direct knowledge of your condition. They must provide a detailed assessment of the impact of your circumstances on your studies.

      If you cannot provide an HPR, you can alternatively provide a letter (on letterhead) with the registration information of a relevant treating medical professional and their signature. Documents in a language other than English are not accepted for registration. In rare cases, NAATI accredited translated documents may be accepted.

    • Carers

      You can register for ongoing support if you have significant carer responsibilities. Verification documents can include:

      • An official Centrelink document showing evidence of a Centrelink benefit.
      • Letter from a GP verifying your responsibilities and the impact on study.
    • Elite athletes

      The University requires an Elite Athlete Recognition (EAR) form completed through Melbourne University Sport before they can proceed with your registration. It is your responsibility to contact Melbourne University Sport to complete this form and other necessary forms for the Elite Athlete Program.

      Elite Athlete Program

      Melbourne University Sport
      Elite Athlete Program Coordinator
      Phone: +61 3 9035 3626

    • Elite performers

      Please provide an official letter (on letterhead) outlining your professional obligations as an elite performer. The letter must be written and signed by your director, manager or similar person of authority from a recognised institution:

    • Defence Reservists

      Please provide an official letter (on letterhead) outlining your duties and obligations. The letter must be written and signed by an official authority on behalf of the Australian Defence Force.

    • Emergency volunteers

      Please provide an official letter (on letterhead) outlining your duties and obligations. The letter must be written and signed by an official authority from Victoria State Emergency Service (SES), the Country Fire Authority (CFA) or similar organisation.

    • Cultural or religious observance

      Please provide an official letter (on letterhead) outlining the nature of observances and the potential effect on your studies. The letter must be written and signed by an official authority within your religious congregation or a cultural authority. This might include:

      • Religious authority such as a rabbi, minister, priest, imam, monk or similar.
      • Cultural authority such as a director, manager, organiser or similar.

  3. Register online for Special Consideration (ongoing support)

    Register now

    A Student Equity Adviser will assess your application based on your situation and supporting documentation. Following your registration, you will receive an email from Student Equity and Disability Support asking you to schedule an appointment online.

  4. Schedule an appointment via the online booking system

    Once you receive an email from us, please schedule an appointment according to the email instructions. During your appointment, we will confidentially discuss your circumstances and whether an Academic Adjustment Plan (AAP) is appropriate for you.

    Where are we?

    • Parkville - Student Equity Advisers are available at the Parkville campus from Monday to Friday. You can book an appointment via the online booking system.
    • Southbank - If you are a VCA or MCM student, you can book an appointment with a Student Equity Adviser at the Southbank campus. During semester, you can do this by making an appointment in person at Stop 1 Southbank (front desk) or by phoning or emailing Stop 1.

    During non-teaching periods, all appointments are held at the Parkville campus. In this instance, you can make an appointment via the online booking system.

    Auslan interpreters

    Please contact Student Equity and Disability Support if you have a hearing impairment and require an Auslan interpreter for your appointment (this service is not for foreign language students). Allow for one week’s notice to make arrangements.

    Can’t attend in person?

    If a campus appointment is not accessible due to the nature of your condition or responsibilities, please use the online booking system to submit a booking request. Please indicate in the text box that you cannot attend a campus appointment and provide your contact details so a Student Equity Adviser can contact you.