Unexpected circumstances

If your studies are affected by unexpected circumstances, such as sudden illness or bereavement, the University may be able to offer Special Consideration.

Special Consideration

There are two kinds of Special Consideration available to you and it’s important to understand the difference between them. Our Special Consideration policy provides a framework for these services.

  1. Special Consideration (ongoing support) is available if you need ongoing study adjustments (for a duration of six weeks or more) due to a disability; a chronic or permanent health condition; sporting, performance or service commitments; or religious and cultural practices.

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  3. Special Consideration (unexpected circumstances) is available if you are affected by unexpected circumstances such as sudden illness, accident or bereavement and the duration of impact on your studies is less than six weeks. If you are registered for ongoing support, you will still need to apply. This is a separate application to your ongoing support registration.

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