Web Room Booking (WRB) for staff is now open for bookings and requests for Semester one.

Please make sure you abide by the process outlined on the Attending Campus page: https://www.unimelb.edu.au/coronavirus/attending-campus, including registering your event, formal approval to attend campus and everyone attending will need to complete the online training and the relevant health declarations.

General information

The core business of the University is its own teaching, research and engagement. During University teaching periods, the use of all rooms and facilities are prioritised for these and other core University business. However outside of this usage, many of the University's rooms and facilities may be available for hire to approved external clients for conferences, lectures and symposia the University regards as relevant to its own goals.

The University has many different types of venues ranging from large lecture theatres to smaller meeting rooms and some multifunctional spaces.

Venue Management is responsible for arranging all non-teaching related bookings in shared teaching spaces on the Parkville Campus. Additional options are available through affiliated partners or other areas of the University.

Event services

Below are links to services the university is able to provide in relation to an event:

Before requesting a booking in an event space, please familiarise yourself with the Guide to health and safety for events management.