Summary Table

The information in this section outlines the estimated cost of living for a student at the Parkville campus of the University of Melbourne, according to the type of accommodation chosen.

The costs for students studying at other campuses of the University will be similar, though rental or residential college costs are likely to be lower. However, annual transport costs will generally be higher.

Tuition fees and HECS payments are not included in estimates.

Type of Accommodation No. of Weeks Weekly Rent / Board Range ($) Estimated Total ($) Rent or Board and other expenses

Sharing Rented Premises (with 2 others)

Close to Parkville campus


190 - 230

22 000 - 28 800

Within 6 kilometres of Uni


155 -185

20 000 - 26 300

Rural area


80 - 100

15 600 - 20 700

Student Apartments

Two bedroom, shared


215 - 260

23 400 - 30 500

One bedroom not shared


305 - 370

28 500 - 36 700


One bedroom - shared bathroom/kitchen


185 - 225

22 100 - 28 200

Residential Colleges (near or on campus)

35 week stay


552 - 712*

27 600 - 36 600

44 week stay


552 - 712*

34 072 - 45 017


Living with a local family


240 - 290*

16 000 - 20 700


The above total annual living cost estimates include the following expenses:

Items Amount
Weekly Cost (other than Rent)
Food and Groceries Contribution $80-100
Bills (Electricity, Gas etc)** $35-45
Public Transport fares *** $30
Spending Money $40-80
Annual Cost
General Course Costs $500-750 ****
Establishment Costs
(usually 1 month’s rent)
4.333 x weekly rent
Telephone / utilities connections $150-200
General furniture items (Not including whitegoods) $450-800


* Usually includes most meals. Some colleges also charge additional fees.

**Households using electricity for hot water, cooking and heating will ofter have much higher bills than households using gas facilities

*** Public transport estimates assume residence in Zone 1 of the transport system. Please note that the transport concession card makes public transport considerably cheaper. International students are not eligible for the public transport concession card unless they are exchange students.

**** Course costs vary dramatically between courses. In some courses, such as dentistry, equipment can cost over $3000. We strongly advise students to contact their prospective faculties for full details of potential course costs.

Please note that the above estimates are a general guide only

The following cost estimates should be added to weekly expenses, if necessary –

Rental property prices vary from suburb to suburb. Check the Housing Online Noticeboard or an online property website for an indication of the current cost of renting in Melbourne.

Estimates for College Costs and Homestay assume that the student returns home during vacations.

Some courses may incur higher costs for course work materials, projects or equipment. Students are advised to contact their faculties for advice regarding associated costs during semester.

Childcare costs

We encourage students with children to investigate the cost of childcare early. The University's Children's Services is a good starting point. Please remember that places are limited, and costs are often higher elsewhere. Book early.

Online Budget Calculators

There are a number of excellent online budget calculators to help students estimate their yearly expenses. We recommend the Money Smart budget planner site, although there are many others available on the internet.

Further information for international students:

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