Early Childhood Education Services is part of the Student Services and provides 138 long day care places across two centres for the University Community. Learn more about Early Childhood Education Services.

A special announcement regarding early childhood education services and COVID-19

The University of Melbourne is committed to continuing to support families who use and rely on the University’s early childhood education services across the three centres, namely the Early Learning Centre, Queensberry Children’s Centre and Swanston Street Children’s Centre.

The Vice Chancellor’s 23 March message requested that University of Melbourne staff, wherever possible, work from home. At the same time the Vice Chancellor reiterated the State Government’s advice that early childhood education services are considered an essential service and will continue to operate.

Acknowledging that these are unprecedented times, the University has agreed, effective from 23 March, to waive fees for those children not currently attending early childhood education services at the University. In addition, the University will consider earlier instances, before 23 March, where it can be demonstrated that the child did not attend because their attendance would have represented an increased health risk to the child or their family, or where a University staff member commenced working from home with relevant approval prior to 23 March as result of an underlying health condition.

Importantly, unless advised otherwise by Government, the University’s early childhood services will remain open for existing enrolments and the University will continue to waive fees for families no longer requiring the service in the current environment.

For families who are supporting essential University services and priority research, the University will consider on a case-by-case basis the provision of advice on available services close to home or the workplace.

For now families do not need to take any specific actions in regards to this announcement, and staff will begin processing the waivers based on the attendance records since the 23rd of March.

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