The University of Melbourne offers one of the most comprehensive student support networks in Australia. With so many different services available, it can be difficult to work out which one might be able to provide you with help.

Some services at the University are intended to address single aspects of your experience as a student, while others offer a range of support. This site is provided to try to make finding the right service easier.

Select from the categories above to filter the results to identify services that may be able to assist you.

Culture & Community

Connect. Family. Friends. Faith. Fun.

These services can help you connect to the University and broader communities. Find friends, get involved, explore and contribute to cultural and community life on campus.


Time. Stress. Admin. Family. Self.

Use these services to help you manage your time at Uni. From stress management during exams to organising kids, or renewing an international student visa, you'll find help here.

Health & Wellbeing

Participate. Sport. Body. Mind. Spirit.

These services can help you with your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Money & Housing

Scholarships. Loans. Home. Grants. Security.

The services in this section can help you with your finances and housing, and can provide support if you're having trouble or if you just need advice.

Jobs & Careers

Work. Opportunities. Development. Preparation.

These services can help you find work, prepare for employment, increase your work skills, research your career options and gain valuable experience.


Essays. Reports. Exams. Theses.

All university students need to learn how to write. These services can help you develop your writing skills, learn new techniques and understand a range of styles and formats.


Resource. Collaborate. Reflect. Plan.

These services offer expert assistance to help you in your research. Take advantage of the skills and knowledge available and make the most of your research experience at Melbourne.


Connect. Exchange. Volunteer. Explore.

University can be so much more than study. These services will help extend your experience, from volunteering opportunities, to study abroad and exchange.

Advocacy Services

Get expert, independent advice.

Professional advocacy is a critical service that provides you with independent representation of your interests to the University.

You can use advocacy services as a result of any administrative or academic issues in relation to faculty, institutes or graduate schools; academic staff including lecturers, supervisors or examiners; University administration, or your personal circumstances.

Academic Skills

Academic Skills can help you with academic writing, time and task management, oral presentations, exam preparation and English language development.

Academic Skills offers workshops and/or individual tutorials and can provide the resources you need to be successful at university.

These services are available for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Web: Academic Skills website
Phone: Stop 1 @ 13 MELB (13 6352)
Locations: Stop 1 (Parkville)


The Academic Interactive Resources portal (AIRport) can help you make a smooth transition to University and improve your academic writing and study skills.

It offers information, short courses, quizzes, videos and other interactive learning materials, with opportunities for individual feedback from Academic Skills Unit advisers.

AIRport resources are tailored for undergraduate, graduate and international students.

Web: AIRport website
Phone: N/A
Locations: N/A


ask.unimelb is the University's comprehensive FAQ database for students and staff. Looking for info? Start here!

Web: ask.unimelb website
Phone: N/A
Locations: N/A


Perhaps you are thinking about the meaning of life, wondering where your studies lead, or you are experiencing grief or loss. Chaplains are here to support you.

We represent a variety of faith groups, and provide support for student religious groups, offer prayer and study, involvement in social justice, and spiritual direction, etc.

Web: Chaplaincy website
Phone: +61 (3) 8344 7566
Locations: 138 Cardigan St, Carlton (view map)

Children's Services

Two Children's Centres provide quality early childhood care and education for your child or children.

With full and part time places for children from 3 months to school age, both centres also offer a kindergarten program for children in the year before they start school. Skilled and experienced educators provide warm environments and stimulating programs both indoors and out. Waiting lists apply, so visit the website for further information and application forms.

You may be entitled to the University’s Student Rebate for child care. See the website for further information.

Web: Children's Services website
Phone: (03) 8344-9621
856/858 Swanston Street (view map)
228 Queensberry Street (view map)

Counselling & Psychological Services

Counselling and Psychological Services provides you with free individual appointments, and workshops during semester.

We focus on personal growth and skill development to assist you make the most of your time at university.

You can also post a question to the Ask Counselling website. A limited number of sessions which do not require a booking are available most days at the drop in clinic.

Web: Counselling & Psychological Services website
Ask Counselling: Ask Counselling website
Phone: (03) 8344-6927
Locations: 138 Cardigan St, Carlton (view map)

Disability Liaison

The Disability Liaison team provides a range of advice and services for students who experience disability as a result of a health condition or impairment.

Disability Liaison staff work with you to identify adjustments that maximise independence and enable your participation in all elements of University life. Common adjustments include the provision of support workers, exam adjustments and liaison with academics.

Web: Disability Liaison website
Phone: (03) 8344-0100
Locations: Stop 1 (Parkville)

Financial Aid

If you find yourself in financial difficulty, not sure how to fill out a tax return, got a question on government subsidies then visit Financial Aid.

With a range of advice and information on budgeting, government student assistance, a tax advice program, short and long term loans and grants, the Financial Aid team can help to get your mind back on your studies!

Web: Financial Aid website
Phone: Stop 1 @ 13 MELB (13 6352)
Locations: Stop 1 (Parkville)

Graduate Student Association

The University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association Inc. (GSA) is the student representative body for graduates at the University of Melbourne.

The GSA provides access to a number of services and facilities including advice, a range of graduate study spaces and lounges, print and publication services (additional cost), support groups and forums, calendar of events and an array of publications.

Web: Graduate Student Association website
Phone: (03) 8344-8657
Locations: Stop 1

Health Service

The Health Service provides confidential medical care, at no direct cost, to students with Medicare or OSHC Worldcare insurance.

Web: Health service website
Phone: (03) 8344-6904
Locations: 138 Cardigan St, Carlton (view map)

International Student Services

International Student Services support all international students and their families during their time at the University.

We provide assistance and advice on a range of matters, including visas, general welfare, schooling for dependents and settling in. We also run events and information sessions throughout the year.

Web: International Student Services website
Phone: Stop 1 @ 13 MELB (13 6352)
International +61 3 9035 5511
After Hours/Emergency Phone: (03) 8344 6666
Locations: Stop 1 (Parkville)


The University Library holds large collections of printed books, ebooks, journals, databases, reference materials, audio-visual and other items available for loan to students.

Friendly, knowledgeable Library staff will help you find useful resources for your assignment or thesis. Research students can make an appointment for an individual consultation.

Web: Library website
Phone: Stop 1 @ 13MELB (13 6352)
Locations: multiple locations - see website

Melbourne Careers Centre

Melbourne Careers Centre provides a range of career programs, services and resources for students to assist with their career development.

We also collaborate with faculties and engage with external stakeholders, especially employers through career events.

Web: Melbourne Careers Centre website
Careers database: Careers Online
Phone: Stop 1 @ 13 MELB (13 6352)
Locations: Stop 1

Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education

The Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education offers programs to support quality, innovation and careers in teaching, research, engagement and leadership and management for graduate researchers and academic staff.

We provide a range of postgraduate award and non-award face to face and online research training and professional development programs to assist you during graduate research study and throughout your academic career.

Web: The Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education
Phone: (03) 8344 4605
Locations: Level 1, 715 Swanston St, Carlton (view map)

Melbourne Global Mobility

One of the best things you can do whilst studying at Melbourne is leave! Melbourne Global Mobility offers you a range of exciting overseas experiences as part of your degree.

These include student exchange at one of more than 150 international partners. All of these can count towards your Melbourne degree.

Web: Melbourne Global Mobility website
Phone: (03) 8344 7452
Locations: John Smyth Building (view map)

Melbourne Scholarships

Melbourne Scholarships is responsible for the administration and promotion of major scholarship programs for undergraduate, graduate coursework and research students.

We are responsible for applications, coordination of selection, offers, and payments to scholarship holders. Programs include Access and Equity scholarships, Australian Postgraduate Awards, scholarships for international students, travelling scholarships and prestigious scholarships.

Web: Melbourne Scholarships website
Phone: Stop 1 @ 13 MELB (13 6352)
International +61 3 9035 5511
Locations: Stop 1 (Parkville)

Melbourne University Sport

Melbourne University Sport offer a range of resources including a great variety of sporting clubs, fitness facilities and services.

MU Sport is a members-only facility and users of all of the sports and recreation facilities need to be members and/or pay a hiring fee.

Web: MU Sport website
Phone: (03) 8344-5405 (Sports Centre reception)
Locations: Sports Centre, Tin Alley (view map)

Murrup Barak

The Murrup Barak Melbourne Institute for Indigenous Development provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students both undergraduate and graduate with a range of support services.

These include the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme, Indigenous Scholarship Program and assistance with student transition, integration, student experience activities and study spaces.

Web: Murrup Barak website
Phone: (03) 8344 7722
Locations: Old Physics Building, Ground Floor (view map)

Safer Community Program

The Safer Community Program (SCP) aims to promote an environment that fosters safe learning, working and living at the University of Melbourne, and provides the opportunity to pass on behaviour of concern before it develops into something serious.

The Safer Community Program offers a safe place to talk about your concerns, personal and tailored safety advice and support and strategies to manage behaviours of concern.

Phone: (03) 9035-8675
Locations: Stop 1 (Parkville)

Student Connect

Student Connect is designed to assist your transition to, through and beyond university

A Student Development Adviser will work with you to help you make the most out of your University experience.

Appointments are free and scheduled for half an hour at a time that suits you.

Phone: (03) 8344 0100
Locations: Student Advice - Student Connect reception desk, Level 1, Stop 1 (Parkville)

Student Housing

Find out about your housing options and how to manage your tenancy (eg. lease agreements, bonds, repairs, rent, eviction) through Student Housing.

Use our Housing Online Noticeboard to search for current accommodation vacancies.

Students experiencing housing difficulties may be eligible for the Student Housing Access Program (SHAP), a University-managed transitional share housing program. Temporary crisis accommodation may be available, or referral to other services.

Web: Student Housing website
Phone: Stop 1 @ 13 MELB (13 6352)
Locations: Stop 1 (Parkville)

Student IT

The Student IT team supports you with setting up your login account, connecting to UniWireless, using the University’s learning tools and systems, printing and document scanning.

Student IT can even get you started with document production and presentation.

General-access computers are located in Library branches and selected faculty buildings.

Web: Student IT website
Phone: N/A
Locations: See website

Student Union

The Student Union promotes student welfare and culture on campus.

We provide events, services, opportunities and a community for students of all graduate levels, interests and backgrounds.

Key services include clubs, the Rowden White Library, theatre, arts, Farrago and representation.

Web: Student Union website
Phone: (03) 8344 6966
Locations: Union House (view map)

Student Union Advocacy Service

The Student Union Advocacy Service (SUAS) is funded from the Student Services and Amenities Fee and provides independent advocacy services to undergraduate and graduate students.

We can help you navigate the rules, regulations and procedures that the University has in place in the areas of misconduct, appeals, unsatisfactory progress, bullying and sexual harassment, intellectual property, supervision disputes and more.

Web: Student Union Advocacy Service
Phone: (03) 8344 6546
Locations: Union House, Third Floor (view map)

Student Union Legal Service

The Student Union Legal Service can provide you with legal advice, support and a referral service on an initial consultation basis.

Web: Student Union Legal Service website
Phone: (03) 8344 8687
Locations: Union House, Third Floor (view map)

UMeyecare Clinic

University of Melbourne EyeCare(UMeyecare) clinic offers patient care primarily for University staff and students, but is also open to the general public and for specialist referral by other practitioners.

At the clinic, eyecare assessments are provide free of charge. Also, University staff and students and their direct family are offered a substantial discount (20-30%) off retail prices for contact lenses, prescription spectacles and sunglasses. The free of charge assessments are of particular value to International students.

Web: UMeyecare Clinic
Phone: +61 3 9035 6666
Locations: 2/800 Swanston St, University of Melbourne, VIC 3010 (view map)

A note about advocacy services at the University
The Commonwealth Government requires that all tertiary students must have access to independent advocacy services and as such they are provided on a confidential basis, at no direct cost to students.

The University directs Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) funds to the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) to provide independent advocacy services to all students, following a rigorous tender process.