Student Housing Access Program (SHAP)

The Student Housing Access Program (SHAP) offers apartments in a University-owned apartment block. The apartment block is within walking distance of the Parkville campus. SHAP provides a transitional step towards independent living. It's not unusual for students to experience difficulties in securing or maintaining suitable housing at the start of, or during their studies.

SHAP is designed to assist these students and encourages applications from those who:

  • Are from rural, interstate or non-metro areas (does it take you more than one and a half hours, door to door, to travel from home to campus?)
  • Have their housing options affected by financial difficulties
  • Have been subject to difficulties, discrimination or unusual circumstances that have impacted upon housing
  • Have a disability (includes a range of health conditions that have impacted upon access to suitable accommodation)
  • Are Indigenous Australian
SHAP is only available to full-time University of Melbourne students who are Australian or New Zealand citizens, or Australian permanent residents, or holders of a permanent Humanitarian Visa. Students with a reduced course load due to health concerns will be considered.

Applications and contact

The 2018 SHAP application form is not yet available due to ongoing discussions re the impact of the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project.

If you are having issues, email

Email completed applications to

Phone: 13 MELB (13 6352)

What's included?

Students sign a lease for up to two semesters. This is a standard residential tenancy agreement and provides students with an understanding of their rights and duties in the rental world. SHAP encourages independent living skills and experience. Students also benefit from the back-up support of Student Housing.

  • Rent is $160 per week ($690 per calendar month)
  • Bills for utilities (power, etc.) are the responsibility of the resident
  • Rooms are offered furnished
  • Kitchen with microwave, refrigerator and stove
  • Combined living area with bed, desk, kitchen table and chairs
  • Modern bathroom with washing machine and dryer

SHAP residents can also apply for a Housing Grant through the Scholarships office. Successful Housing Grant applicants receive rent assistance of $100 a fortnight. A loan to cover the upfront SHAP bond of $690 may also be available from Student Financial Aid.

Student feedback

"The SHAP program has played an integral role in my academic performance... I would like to thank SHAP for providing such a wonderful service."

"It was the best possible accommodation, I met great people and found my way into student life, without any hassles. Thank you!"

"[The SHAP program] did much more than any normal student housing or shared arrangement in terms of preparing me for my future."

"I feel I have benefitted immensely from a) the peace of mind of having a secure property with friendly housemates and approachable staff, b) the lower rental costs meaning I did not have to work while studying and c) the excellent location. This was a wonderful opportunity for which I was immensely grateful. "

"It is a fantastic program... really made my first year of uni as good as it was."

"I don't think I'd even have made it to exams without the stability and flexibility that SHAP gave me."