Part-time scholarships

Local Students

Local research higher degree students may apply to hold a part-time scholarship for socially compelling reasons such as a medical condition or primary care responsibilities for pre-school aged children.  A scholarship may not be held part-time for employment reasons.  To read more about whether you meet the eligibility criteria for holding a part-time scholarship please visit our Graduate Research Scholarships Conditions. Please be aware that if you do not meet the eligibility criteria for holding a part-time scholarship, or take leave from your scholarship for the period when you are enrolled part-time, your scholarship will cease.  If you are unsure, please contact the Graduate Research Scholarships Team for further information.

If you are eligible to hold a part-time scholarship, you must apply for a change to your enrolment status in the Student Portal:

  1. Go to ‘Admin’ tab
  2. Under 'Manage My Enrolment (RHD Candidates)', select 'Track and submit candidature variation applications'
  3. Select ‘Apply for study rate change' to apply for a change to your enrolment status.
  4. At the time of application, submit a tax declaration form which may be obtained from the ATO, selected newsagents and Melbourne Scholarships Office (MSO) to the MSO.
  5. In addition submit any supporting documents (eg. medical certificate, birth certificate) to the MSO.

International Students

International students are not eligible to hold a part-time scholarship as visa requirements preclude part-time enrolment for international research higher degree students (MIRS,MIFRS and IPRS recipients). An exception exists for Temporary Resident visa holders only. Please view the Graduate Research Scholarships Conditions for more details.