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Academic Skills provides handouts, skills guides, booklets and videos, for all the areas of of skills that we cover. Browse the list, or select the specific skills area from the quick links menu.

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Through the Academic Skills Hub, a community on the LMS, students and staff have access to Academic Skills independent study modules. These modules are self directed study resources that contain activities and quizzes to test your understanding.

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Documents (9)

Clue Words Flyer (PDF File | 127.3 KB)

Exam day tips (PDF File | 789.7 KB)

Improving your Memory (Science) (PDF File | 110.7 KB)

Managing short answer exams in Science (PDF File | 112.0 KB)

Problem-solving exams (PDF File | 111.6 KB)

Remembering facts for science students (PDF File | 122.6 KB)

Revising for exams (PDF File | 313.3 KB)

Understanding and doing well in multiple choice exams (PDF File | 111.6 KB)

Writing essays in exams (PDF File | 110.7 KB)

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Orientation and transition

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Time and task management

Documents (5)

Assignment planner (MS Word Document | 49.5 KB)

Managing Time and Tasks (PDF File | 408.9 KB)

Revision Schedule (MS Word Document | 61.0 KB)

Semester Planner (Blank) (MS Word Document | 82.0 KB)

Weekly Planner (MS Word Document | 83.0 KB)

Videos (2)

Assignment planner

Semester planner

Weekly planner

Exam Revision Programme

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Graduate students

Documents (5)

Developing originality (PDF File | 111.4 KB)

Honours (PDF File | 3.3 MB)

Managing graduate course-work (PDF File | 120.6 KB)

Managing Graduate Study (PDF File | 3.5 MB)

Motivation & postgraduate study (PDF File | 109.7 KB)

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Study skills

Documents (9)

Active learning (PDF File | 126.3 KB)

Active Learning Online (PDF File | 180.0 KB)

Collaborating Online (PDF File | 189.6 KB)

Developing Critical Literacy (PDF File | 93.6 KB)

Developing vocabulary in Education (PDF File | 109.6 KB)

Managing stress (PDF File | 108.0 KB)

Working in Groups (PDF File | 108.2 KB)

Working smarter in Science (PDF File | 108.8 KB)

Working with a Supervisor (PDF File | 104.5 KB)

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General writing skills

Documents (14)

Academic Style (PDF File | 389.5 KB)

Connecting Ideas (PDF File | 375.1 KB)

Developing clarity and focus in academic writing (PDF File | 107.5 KB)

Editing your writing (PDF File | 111.3 KB)

Improving cohesion (PDF File | 114.7 KB)

Reviewing the Literature (PDF File | 105.8 KB)

Task Analysis - Direction Words.pdf (PDF File | 178.9 KB)

Technical report writing.pdf (PDF File | 183.2 KB)

Tertiary Essay Writing (PDF File | 3.1 MB)

Using a Writing Process (PDF File | 169.7 KB)

Voice in Academic Writing (PDF File | 123.1 KB)

Writing introductions and conclusions (PDF File | 172.8 KB)

Writing Reflectively (PDF File | 113.6 KB)

Writing successful essays (PDF File | 109.0 KB)

Videos (1)

Paraphrasing Ideas in your Writing

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Specific written tasks

Documents (9)

Annotated Bibliography (PDF File | 139.6 KB)

Incorporating music examples (PDF File | 159.4 KB)

Scientific Research Reports (PDF File | 109.0 KB)

Site Visit Reports for Engineers (PDF File | 112.6 KB)

Undergraduate research reports (PDF File | 114.0 KB)

Writing a Research Proposal - A guide for Science and Engineering students (PDF File | 110.9 KB)

Writing an abstract (PDF File | 118.7 KB)

Writing Engineering Design Reports (PDF File | 107.0 KB)

Writing science laboratory reports (PDF File | 109.4 KB)

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Speaking and presenting

Documents (6)

Academic posters (PDF File | 173.1 KB)

Managing stress for oral presentations (PDF File | 185.4 KB)

Presenting at Conferences for engineering students (PDF File | 111.0 KB)

Presenting Your Research (PDF File | 110.8 KB)

Speaking Clearly (Consonants) (PDF File | 163.5 KB)

Tutorials - How to get the most out of ‘tutes’ (PDF File | 110.5 KB)

Videos (6)

Presenting Effectively - Part 1

Presenting Effectively - Part 2

Presenting Effectively - Part 3

Presenting Effectively - Part 4

Speaking Clearly- Word Stress 

Speaking Clearly- Practice

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Research and referencing

Documents (8)

Incorporating sources (PDF File | 112.3 KB)

Reading and note taking for science students (PDF File | 112.7 KB)

Reading Critically (PDF File | 110.7 KB)

Reading Effectively (PDF File | 108.8 KB)

Referencing Essentials (PDF File | 111.1 KB)

Taking notes from texts (PDF File | 161.2 KB)

Using APA 6th (PDF File | 173.6 KB)

Using Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism (PDF File | 3.1 MB)

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Documents (8)

10 minute English (PDF File | 386.3 KB)

Developing your vocabulary (PDF File | 112.2 KB)

Punctuation (PDF File | 119.8 KB)

Remembering scientific terms (PDF File | 111.1 KB)

Using articles and tense (PDF File | 114.2 KB)

Using Quotation Marks (PDF File | 145.1 KB)

Using tenses in essays (PDF File | 120.9 KB)

Using tenses in scientific writing (PDF File | 105.1 KB)

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