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  • Why: Develop your academic skills whenever you want, wherever you are. Embedded in the LMS, close to your course material and assessments.
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What can we help you with?

Study Skills

High recommended if you're new to the University of Melbourne. This module explores expectations of university study and presents strategies to study more effectively.This module looks at the various learning environments at university.Strategies to effectively manage your time, so you can meet your study demands, and also fit in all the other things you would like to do.Collaboration can be challenging, but is an effective approach to problem solving. This module provides strategies to help you develop and maintain a successful group dynamic.

Research to Writing Process

Unpack the requirements of your task, generate ideas, and make a plan to guide your research. Find quality research, read critically, and synthesise ideas and themes to inform your argumentPull together your thoughts and organise them into a coherent, cohesive structure that directly meets your task requirements.Produce your best writing.Edit, proofread and format your writing, ensuring it is ready for submission.

Critical Academic Writing

Understand paragraph structure, cohesion and coherence, and other elements that assist you to produce well-developed academic paragraphs.Understand what is required of you when writing academically, and how you can improve your academic style.This module will introduce you to the concept of critical thinking and provide strategies to help you think, read, take notes and write critically.You will learn about a number of different strategies you can use to ensure that you are reading at an optimal speed, while still maintaining comprehension.This module will introduce you to the basics of note taking and will introduce you to various styles.

Referencing & Using Sources

The mechanics of how to paraphrase, summarise, quote and give you strategies to improve your paraphrasing style

This module will show you how to integrate sources in your academic writing.

Understand why and what you need to reference, as well as how to choose and apply an appropriate referencing style.

Assessment Tasks

We break down the fundamental structure of an essay and show you how to do it well.This module explores the requirements of reflective writing and works through the reflective writing process.Plan, organise and present your oral presentations. You will learn about language, visual aids and presentation style.


This module will familiarise you with the standard of learning required for exams, introduce learning techniques and strategies for exam preparation as well as introduce the different formats that exams may take at University.Tips to memorise content-heavy subjects, including understanding roots words and specific revision activities. We expose common misperceptions about exams, and familiarise you with some common examination formats.